Enjoy a variety of different sports and adventures in nature.

Trekking – Hiking


Hiking or trekking is a unique opportunity to understand the environment of Fiscal.
The existing road network has established a set of marked trails that give us enter their territory and to admire its landscape diversity and valuable cultural heritage. Different types of trails -of great route (GR) and short route (PR) – can recognize the variety of products and natural resources that houses this geography.

Via ferrata


If you love climbing, heights and challenges, the via ferrata is the ideal place to enjoy sensations until now reserved for climbers activity.
Via Ferrata is an activity that combines hiking with vertical progression. You can enjoy a breathtaking bird’s eye view tour. Is an evolution made the escalation that allows you to face the heights.
The ascent is safe thanks to the anchors and pegs attached to the wall that facilitate the climb.

Mountain Bike


The Sobrarbe is one of the territories referred to practice biking at European level, their routes through the most beautiful places in the Aragonese Pyrenees, running some by the Natural Park of the Sierra and canyons of Guara and the environment Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.
In each route you will be able to see the best of Romanesque and enjoy a wonderful natural environment.



Take down the headwaters walking, jumping, rappelling, down by water slides, overcoming natural obstacles, enjoying beautiful landscapes.
The Sierra de Guara, located northeast of the city of Huesca and 70 km from Fsical, is one of the places with the highest concentration of gorges in Spain and Europe. Formed in limestone and conglomerate, in 50 square kilometers there are about 200 canyons.



Fun, emotion, feelings and laughter. Rafting rafts descend the waters between the foam and splashes of the rapids, in a landscape without equal.
The trips combine moments of calm waters where you can relax, swim, play in the water … and now narrowing forming whitewater river where coordination among members of the raft will be essential to avoid the different obstacles that may arise. It is an ideal for all kinds of public, as a group or individually.



We present another way down whitewater rivers in Huesca. The hydro is a water sled with which we will be able to descent in direct contact with the water in our journey.
We will take our sled through breathtaking rapids and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Huesca. This is an activity that is usually performed in groups and therefore becomes a perfect activity to do it with friends or with our family.



Discover aboard a kayak places of extreme beauty, feel and experience the waters of the province of Huesca.
This province has several areas with very interesting tours to perform an activity with Kayak. All you have to decide is whether you want to practice in calm waters, such as swamps or lakes, or if you do it in whitewater.
Those who prefer the calm waters there is Sotonera Reservoir, 30 km from the city of Huesca. Also El Grado dam, in the town of Ainsa. If instead we want whitewater, the Gallego river, which runs through the municipalities of Sallent, Panticosa, Biescas, etc, or the Esera river are a good choice.



Besides the fun that offers rock climbing, also it helps improve physical performance.
The climbing will challenge whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber. You will use every muscle in the body, from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers. Your legs, glutes, torso, chest, shoulders, back and arms will be tested all the time. The strength and endurance of your body will improve gradually and help you face growing challenges.



During the months of December to April you can enjoy a wide range of areas in which you will merge with the snow while practicing sport in nature.
Put on your skis and feel the speed down the snowy slopes in the resorts of Formigal, Panticosa, Astún, Candanchú and Cerler
If you prefer something quieter, go for the skiing, touring … with a walk in snowshoes or dog sled. You choose.

Bungee jumping


Pure adrenaline bungee jumping is an activity recommended for all those who are passionate about the risk and strong emotions.
This activity is to jump into the void held by a rope. There are various ways to practice, such as jumping head, tied by the feet, jump on the pendulum, jump with elastic, etc. The purest of all, is the jump in the pendulum, which is done by jumping into the void from a bridge.
If you consider risky adventure lover, bungee jumping is your activity.



Feel like a bird flying in paragliding over the Pyrenees. Is unforgettable total sense of freedom you will experience to throw over the valleys from great heights.
In Aragon you can perform this activity in areas of Ribagorza and Benasque Valley. Castejon de Sos holds national championships and international competitions.



This is a strategy game that encourages communication and teamwork. Numerous paintball group dynamics can be made and we are sure you will spend a fun day in the open.
As mentioned, the paintball promotes teamwork through different games and activities that are organized in a game, and therefore is great for companies who want to work fellowship, or just for groups of friends willing to spend a great day and strengthen their friendship.

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